CDW or C.H. Robinson Employees - California Work From Home Investigation

CDW or C.H. Robinson Employees - California Work From Home Investigation

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Claim Form Deadline: Pending

Estimated Payout: Varies

Proof required: Yes

Location: **California Residents Only**

What's is the California Work From Home Reimbursement Investigation?

In a recent wave of lawsuits, California employees are claiming that they were ordered to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic or for other reasons and were forced to pay for their own internet use, laptops, cellphones, and other office-related expenses. According to California law, an employer is required to reimburse some of these fees. If you worked for one of the following companies, you may qualify for compensation:

• C.H. Robinson

How Do I Qualify?

Are you a California resident? Did you work from home in the past 1 - 3 years? Did your employer not fully reimburse you for internet, cell phone, and other home office expenses? If you worked for one of the employers listed above, you may qualify.

How Much Can I Get?

You can file a claim form to explore whether and how much you are owed in terms of reimbursement for home office expenses from your employer. This will vary depending on the details of your work situation.

How Do I Participate?

Fill out a claim form online below so that Siri & Glimstad, a law firm pursuing these cases currently, can find out whether or not you qualify, and if so how much you may stand to be reimbursed.

If you worked from home for C.H. Robinson or CDW within the past two years and were not reimbursed for expenses you incurred in the course of your employment, let Siri and Glimstad law firm explore whether they can you reimbursed. Fill out the intake form (located below) for a free case review. For each of the employers mentioned there is a separate intake form on Join Class Actions:

CDW - Submit Claim

C.H. Robinson - Submit Claim

How Do I Find Class Action Settlements?

Find all the latest Class Action Settlements you can qualify for by getting notified of new lawsuits as soon as they are open to claims:

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