Community Health Data Breach Investigation

Community Health Data Breach Investigation

Data Breach Class Action Settlement

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Community Health Network Data Breach Claims

Siri and Glimstad LLP, a law firm with significant experience in class actions, is currently evaluating claims of Community Health Network's customers over a data breach that exposed customers' highly sensitive personal information, including exposure of protected health information.

Those that were affected by Community Health Network's data breach may be entitled to compensation. Community Health Network is an Indiana based integrated non-profit health care system. They run a portal, called MyChart, that allegedly uses third party tracking software to expose patient data to other websites, which hackers got hold of.

On November 18, 2022, Community Health Network notified the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights that they had been the victim of a data breach on November 15, 2022. A notice was posted on Community Health Network's website on November 16, 2022.

Community Health Network has stated that they have removed all of the third party tracking software that resulted in the exposure of potentially protected health information of patients. You can read more on the data breach directly from Community Health Network directly here.

Some of the personally identifiable information that may have been stolen by hackers in the November 15 data breach includes:

• Insurance Coverage Information
• Computer or Mobile IP Addresses
• Scheduled Medical Appointment Information
• First and Last Name
• Medical Record Number

How Much Can I Get?

You may be eligible to receive an award of money, at no cost of representation, if you believe that your information may have been hacked in the Community Health Network data breach. Community Health Network notified all patients who may have engaged with a provider or any connected entity on or after April 6, 2017, according to the notice on their website.

What Additional Steps Can I Take?

It is recommended that you obtain copies of your free credit report from credit reporting agencies. You can also place credit alerts using any of the major credit reporting agencies. As a most secure step you have the option to request a credit freeze by asking one of the national credit reporting agencies to do so. You can find the steps to do so at the bottom of Community Health Network's notice on the data breach here.

How Do I Participate and file a Claim?

If your information was involved in the data breach, you may have noticed that when you are using the internet you see more ads related to your specific, personal health conditions. Please fill out a claim form if you believe that your information may have been hacked as a result of the Community Health Network data breach or if you recently received a data breach notification from Community Health Network. After your information is reviewed, a representative from Siri & Glimstad will reach out to you.

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