Pension Benefits Underpayment Investigation

Pension Benefits Underpayment Investigation

Pension Underpayment Investigation and Class Action Settlement

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How Do I Know If I'm Being Underpaid My Pension Benefits?

Did your benefits start in the last six years? If so, and if you were married when you started receiving benefits, you may not be getting all of the benefits you earned from your defined pension benefits. Help is available to recover money for those that qualify. It is possible to obtain greater benefits than what you are currently receiving from your pension benefits.

Pension Payouts for Some May Be Paying Too Little

Pensioners may be eligible for compensation due to faulty pension payout plans. If you started to receive pension payments within the last six (6) years you may have been receiving benefits that are too low and may be qualified to receive significant compensation.

Survivor Benefits for Pensioners' Spouses May Be Too Low

Generally speaking, retirees who get a pension are entitled to a monthly payment for the rest of their life, referred to as an annuity. Former employed retirees can choose to receive their pension benefits as an annuity just for themselves or an individual can choose an annuity with something called a “survivor benefit”.

This "survivor benefit" is a pensions payout that continues with monthly pension payments to a spouse even after the retiree dies. For married retirees, generally speaking the default option is this “survivor benefit.” To convert a normal annuity to a survivor benefit annuity, pension plans use complicated actuarial formulas based on life expectancies and interest rates. If you were married when your benefits started this may indicate that you could be receiving pension benefits that are too low and you may have a valid claim for compensation.

How Do I Qualify for a Pension Benefits Claim?

Employers in the U.S. may have been using a faulty or outdated formula to calculate survivor benefit annuities leaving retirees (as well as their spouses) with less money than they should be receiving from their pensions. If you started collecting pension benefits from a qualified employer in the United States within the last 6 years and you were married at the time that your benefits payments began, please fill out the form, linked below, to see if you qualify. If you believe you qualify and wish to be compensated, it is important to note that cases such as these are time-sensitive.

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How Do I Find Class Action Settlements?

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