Castle Parking Solutions Settlement

Castle Parking Solutions Settlement

Claim Form Deadline: August 2, 2022

Estimated Payout: Up To $45

Proof required: Yes

Method of payment: Mailed Check

What's This Settlement About?

A $3,000,000 class action lawsuit was brought against Castle Parking Solutions, a parking lot business in the state of Georgia. The lawsuits claim that Castle Parking unlawfully booted (Booting is the method of attaching a devise to a wheel or tire of a parked vehicle to prohibit the vehicle's movement or operation) vehicles from lots in Decatur, Georgia, and Atlanta, state of Georgia.

How Do I Qualify?

The Class includes everyone who was booted by Castle Parking in Atlanta, Georgia or Decatur, Georgia at a Non-Compliant Lot from October 10, 2014, to October 10, 2019. Information as to Compliant versus Non-Compliant Lots can be found HERE . To qualify as a potential class member you must have been booted from a Non-Compliant Lot prior to the lot becoming compliant. Further, to qualify as a potential class members you must have been driving the vehicle that was booted and personally paid the booting fee.

What Can I Get?

Payments to eligible Class Members will be no more than $45.00 per claim, if the amount of claims submitted exceeds the Subclass Settlement Fund, the settlement amount per Class Member will amount to the total number of submitted claims divided by the applicable Subclass Settlement Fund.

How Do I File a Claim?

You can get a Claim Form HERE . You'll need to attach any documents that you have showing that your vehicle was booted by Castle Parking during the class period and mail it postmarked no later than, August 2, 2022 to:

Castle Parking Settlement Claims
c/o Atticus Administration, LLC
PO Box 64053
St. Paul, MN 55164
[email protected]

The Court has scheduled a Settlement Final Approval Hearing on May 4, 2022 at the Fulton County Courthouse, Atlanta, Georgia.

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