$237.5M Hino Motors Trucks Class Action Settlement

$237.5M Hino Motors Trucks Class Action Settlement

Hino Motors Class Action Settlement

Adobe Stock / tomasz-zajda | Published: February 4, 2024

Claim Form Deadline: June 15, 2024

Payout: Varies

Proof required: Yes

What Is Hino Motors This Settlement About

A $237.5 Million Settlement class action lawsuit has been settled with Hino Motors, Ltd. Plaintiffs allege that the company took part in schemes to manipulate emissions test results for certain Hino-branded trucks in the United States, which Plaintiffs allege harmed purchasers and lessees of the Settlement Class Trucks.

How Do I Know If I Qualify?

To qualify for a payout from the Hino Motors class action settlement you must have been a person or entity that purchased or leased a Settlement Class Truck, through October 30, 2023. You can check whether your Truck is included in the Settlement Class on the VIN Lookup page by entering your Vehicle Identification Number (“VIN”).

Settlement Class Trucks include any on-road vehicles equipped and that were originally sold or leased in the United States with a Hino engine model from the year 2010 through and including 2019.

How Much Can I Get Paid?

From the Settlement fund you can expect to be paid compensation that will be equally divided between all Class Members who submitted a valid timely claim form. The expected payout range is approximately from $1,500 to $15,000 per Settlement Class Truck, depending on the volume of claims submitted by legitimate claimants.

The Hino Settlement additionally includes a robust extended warranty that covers the following:

• The repair or replacement of specific emission system parts,
• Diagnostic test fees, if the testing leads to necessary repairs,
• Warranty for new parts if there are government required or recommended emissions repairs or recalls,
• Repairs involving qualified Hino trucks as part of the Settlement, at any point in the next three years.

How Do I File a Claim and Get Paid?

You must timely submit a valid claim by June 15, 2024 to receive a settlement payment. If you received a Postcard or Email Notice and provided your Unique ID from that notice, you will not need to provide any documentation in order to submit your claim.

If you do not have a Unique ID, or if the Settlement Administrator is unable to verify the information in your claim, you may be asked to provide additional documentation. This supporting documentation could include items such as the vehicle title, registration, purchase agreement, lease agreement, insurance records, or any other documentation that displays both your name and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) may be requested to show your ownership or lease of the vehicle.

How Do I Find Class Action Settlements?

Find all the latest Class Action Settlements you can qualify for by getting notified of new lawsuits as soon as they are open to claims:

You can submit your claim form either online using the links below, or contact the Class Action Administrator:

Mailing Address:
Hino USA Settlement
c/o JND Legal Administration
PO Box 91473
Seattle, WA 98111

[email protected]

If you would prefer to submit your Claim Form by mail, you have the option to either download and print the required forms from the Important Documents page or request a physical copy by dialing 1-888-256-6150. To expedite the processing of your claims, it is recommended that you submit your claim online instead of by mail.

If you have questions about what documentation is needed for your claim, you may contact the Settlement Administrator either by phone number or email.

Claim Form Website: www.HinoUSASettlement.com

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