AT&T is Offering $5.00 Credit for Massive Outage

AT&T is Offering $5.00 Credit for Massive Outage

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Photo Credit: Unsplash | Published: February 26, 2024

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AT&T is Reimbursing Customers $5.00 For Outage

Following a significant cellular and internet disruption that lasted several hours on Thursday, AT&T has announced that it will grant certain mobile customer billing credit compensation. According to a statement published on its website, the corporation intends to contact possibly affected consumers directly and issue a $5 credit per account, which is roughly equivalent to the typical daily expense of the service. Generally, these credits should appear on customer bills within two billing periods.

This offer applies solely to AT&T Wireless subscribers; those who possess AT&T Business, AT&T Prepaid, or Cricket accounts are not qualified, although they may be qualified for a bill credit in the future. However, no specifics regarding alternative forms of redress for these individuals were provided. If any consumer feels they require further assistance due to the interruption, they can get in touch with AT&T's customer support center.

In its announcement concerning the compensation, AT&T expressed remorse over the inconvenience brought about by the network failure. "We acknowledge the disappointment this breakdown has inflicted upon many of our users," read the company's statement. "We regret causing inconveniences to people trying to communicate with their loved ones, and small businesses whose operations might have suffered."

What Caused the AT&T Outage?

According to AT&T internal investigations, the root cause of Thursday's prolonged outage, preliminary findings suggest that human error arising from an improperly executed procedure during network expansion efforts, rather than a malicious cyber-attack, led to the incident and that no personally identifiable consumer information was leaked or compromised.

AT&T Open Class Action Settlements

Previously, a $60 Million open class action settlement had been reached with the AT&T that promised to pay consumers an estimated $10 to $23 each. In the open class action lawsuit, the Federal Trade Commission, or the FTC, alleged that AT&T did not properly notify their customers that their data speeds would be intentionally slowed down when an arbitrary limit for the month for data usage would be hit. This practice is widely known as "data throttling".

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