PBM Nutritionals Baby Formula Class Action

PBM Nutritionals Baby Formula Class Action

Updated: September 5, 2022

Claim Form Deadline: November 30, 2022

Estimated Payout: $10 (No Proof) - $30 (With Proof)

Proof required: No

Method of payment: Prepaid MasterCard / Venmo / Zelle / PayPal / Direct Deposit

What's This Settlement About?

A $2,000,000 Million Class Action Settlement has been reached with a baby formula manufacturer, PBM Nutritional, LLC. They make the following brands: Well Beginnings, Meijer Baby, Little Journey, Wesley Farms, Burt's Bees Baby, Berkley Jensen, Parent's Choice, Earth's Best Organic, Comforts, Up & Up, Babies “R” Us, Member's Mark, and Bobbie Baby brand Products. These products are sold and marketed it popular big box stores like Walgreen's, Walmart, and Target.

The class action lawsuit alleged that PBM Nutritional, LLC, the baby formula maker, marketed their bottles of formula as containing specific numbers of liquid ounces when following instructions to prepare and use the baby formula. However, the class action lawsuit claims that the baby formula did not produce anywhere near enough powdered baby formula and infant formula to produce the marketed and labeled amounts on the product's containers.

PBM Nutritionals denies the allegations in the class action suit, and says that its labelling and marketing is truthful but has settled this case to avoid further litigation and distraction of resources from its core business. They have agreed to pay $2,000,000 to settle the class action lawsuit out of court.

How Do I Qualify?

You qualify if you purchased certain baby formula products from January 1, 2017 through July 21, 2022:

• Well Beginnings
• Meijer Baby
• Little Journey
• Wesley Farms
• Burt's Bees Baby
• Berkley Jensen
• Parent's Choice
• Earth's Best Organic
• Comforts
• Up & Up
• Babies “R” Us
• Member's Mark
• Bobbie Baby

The full list of products that qualify for the time period mentioned above is available on the class action administrator website here.

What Can I Get?

If the PBM Nutritional Class Action Settlement will receive final approval, the amount will vary based on whether you have proof or not (if you have proof of purchase you will receive more than if you did not have any receipts or statements to show proof).

• Tier 1 - Claims without Proof of Purchase:
You can get up to $2.00 per Unit purchased for up to a maximum of $10.00 per Household; or

• Tier 2 - Claims with Proof of Purchase:
You can get up to $2.00 per Unit purchased for which a valid Proof of Purchase has been provided, up to a maximum of $30.00 per Household.

How Do I File a Claim?

You must submit a Claim Form, with or without Proof of Purchase, to be eligible to receive any money from the Settlement. You may complete the Claim Form online, or download a Claim Form. You may also email or call the Settlement Administrator at [email protected] or 833-512-2316 from the class action lawsuit administrators to request a Claim Form.

Your Claim Form must be postmarked or submitted online no later than 11:59 p.m. Central Time on November 30, 2020:

White v. PBM Nutritionals, LLC
c/o Kroll Settlement Administration LLC
PO BOX 225391
New York, NY 10150-5391

You may be asked for a "Class Member ID" which you can register for here on the PBM Nutritionals Baby Formula class action settlement administrator's website. The deadline to make a valid claim is 11:59 p.m. Central Time on November 30, 2022.

Claim Form Website: PBMLabelSettlement.com

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