You Can Get Coupons From the Quaker Oats Recall. Here's How.

You Can Get Coupons From the Quaker Oats Recall. Here's How.

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Photo Credit: Shutterstock | Published: December 25, 2023

Claim Form Deadline: Pending

Payout: Quaker Oats Voucher

Proof required: No

**This recall payment is available for claimants with or without proof of purchase**

What's The Quaker Oats Recall About?

Quaker Oats, produced and distributed by the Quaker Oats Company, has issued a massive national recall over potential risks of Salmonella. The FDA released a notice about a risk of Salmonella in certain Quaker Oats products such as Quaker Oats cereals and Quaker oats granola bars. The issue was noticed in December of 2023.

Salmonella, a bacterium notorious for causing fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal discomfort, poses a more significant threat to individuals with weakened immune systems, such as children and seniors, sometimes resulting in severe or fatal infections.

How Do I Qualify for Reimbursement from the Recall?

You may qualify to get reimbursed by Quaker Oats Company if you purchased certain products that are at risk of containing Salmonella. You can find a complete list of products affected, which include manufacturing best by dates and lot numbers on the official Quaker Oats FDA site here. Below are a general list of the products involved in the Quaker Oats national product recall of December 2023:

Chewy Classic & 25% less sugar Granola Bars
Chewy "Dipps" Granola Bars
Big Chewy Bars
Quaker Simply Granola and Quaker Granola Cereals
Variety Pack and All Others

The products subject to the recall encompass numerous varieties of "Chewy Bars," as well as puffed granola, granola oats cereals, and granola bars found in snack boxes. Recalled items comprise popular flavors such as Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin. Notably, the company's Cap'n Crunch cereal is not included in the recall list. Additionally, the following Quaker Oats products are not included in this recall:

Quaker Oats
• Quaker Instant Oats
• Quaker Oatmeal Squares
• Quaker Grits
• Quaker Oat Bran
• Quaker Oat Flour
• Quaker Rice Snacks products

What Can I Get from the Quaker Oats Recall?

Quaker Oats will review your claim and if your claim via their form is valid, you will receive reimbursement for any items covered by the recall that you claim to have purchased. Reimbursement may be in the form of coupons or cash, please reach out to the recall settlement administrators to find out more.

Do I Need Proof of Purchase to Receive Reimbursement?

No proof is required to file a claim if you are submitting a small value of products purchased and do not have any photo evidence to provide the Quaker Oats recall administrators, such as under $12.00 of qualified Quaker Oats products covered under the recall. Please note that in cases such as this, it is possible that proof of purchase or photo evidence of your purchased Quaker Oats products may be requested at a later point in time if you submit a request for payment with no additional documentation of purchase.

How Do I Find Class Action Settlements?

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How Do I File a Claim?

If you believe you qualify, based on the Quaker Oats products you purchased in the United States You can file a claim to receive a payout from Quaker Oats to compensate you for your purchase by clicking on the 'Get Started' button at the bottom of the Quaker Oats recall website.

If you have additional questions regarding the recall you can contact the Quaker Oats Company Recall Support Team at the following number, 1-800-492-9322, available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Central Time.

Claim Form Website:

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Filing Class Action and Recall Claims

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