$100M Verizon Administrative Charge Class Action Settlement

$100M Verizon Administrative Charge Class Action Settlement

Open Class Action Settlement

Photo Credit: Unsplash | Updated: April 16, 2024

Claim Form Deadline: April 15, 2024 (Passed)

Estimated Payout: $100

What is the $100M Verizon Class Action About?

A landmark $100 Million class action settlement has been agreed upon with Verizon over allegations that the company unfairly billed customers for "Administrative Fees". The class action lawsuit alleged that Verizon used bait and switch tactics by raising administrative fees in customers' post-paid phone bills and not properly disclosing them in marketing or contract materials to those customers. It should be noted that Verizon has not admitted to any wrongdoing, but has agreed to pay into a massive $100 Million settlement fund, most of which will be paid to consumers who qualify for a class action claim for the Verizon fee settlement.

The anticipated amount of payment for the Verizon Fees Class Action is somewhere in the range of $20 to $100 per qualified consumer. Verizon had previously settled another large open class action lawsuit over unsolicited robocalls that allegedly violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, also known as the TCPA. The TCPA Verizon robocall settlement had paid out between $71 to $143 per robocall to consumers back in 2022. The robocall class action is already closed to claims and has paid out.

Do I Qualify For a Payout from the Verizon Settlement?

Anyone who is a current or prior post-paid wireless or "data" subscriber of Verizon services, and was charged an "Administrative Charge" or an Administrative and Telco Recovery charge at any point between January 1, 2016 through November 8, 2023. If you received a notice of this settlement by mail or email, you are in the Settlement Class, as referenced internally by Verizon's own customer and subscriber databases.

It should be noted that many Verizon customers are reporting that they are finding the crucial notice email in their spam folder, so make sure to check your spam so you don't miss your chance to file a claim. Here's what the email notice looks like directly from Verizon:

You may be an eligible claimant for payment, estimated to be up to $100 per person under the following conditions:

• You should have or will receive a notice by mail or email (check your spam folder). The notice will include information on your potential payout from the $100 Million Verizon Settlement fund,
• A unique confirmation code, as well as a notice ID will be provided to you by the Verizon class action settlement administrator, which you can use to file a claim (the link to the Verizon claim form website is located below).
• You will need to file a claim using your unique ID and code by the deadline of April 15, 2024.

You can contact the official Verizon Charge class action settlement administrators if you wish to opt out of the settlement. If you opt out of the settlement, you may be able to take your own legal actions instead of being part of the settlement class by default. To exclude yourself, you can write to the settlement administrators, indicating "ATTN: Exclusions" on your posted mail by February 20, 2024 or find more information on how you can opt out on the website linked below. If you did not receive a notice ID or claim information by mail or email notice, you can also reach out to the Verizon lawsuit administrators.

Verizon Administrative Charge Settlement Administrator
1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210
Philadelphia, PA19103

How Much Will I Get Paid?

The reported payments are estimated to be up to $100 per qualified class action claimant. However, it should be noted that the final payout will be determined based on a couple of factors such as how long each qualifying customer was subscribed to Verizon services, and how many valid and timely claim forms are filed. Payments are expected to be paid either via check or electronic payment, which may be popular methods like Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, or Electronic Prepaid Credit/Debit Cards.

Additional rules may be required in order to qualify. Please follow the link below to read the full class action notice, which is available on the official Verizon Class Action Administrator's website, links for which are included below.

How Do I File a Claim and Get Paid?

In order to get paid you will need to provide your unique ID and confirmation number, which you can find if the Verizon settlement administrators sent an email to you. If you did not receive an email but expect to be part of this settlement, find the link to the class action settlement website below.

Filing Class Action Settlement Claims

Please note that your claim form will be rejected if you submit a settlement claim for payout with any fraudulent information. By providing this information and your sworn statement of its veracity, you agree to do so under the penalty of perjury. You would also be harming others that actually qualify for the class action settlement. If you are not sure whether or not you qualify for this class action settlement, visit the class action administrator's website below. OpenClassActions.com is only providing information and is not a class action administrator or a law firm. OpenClassActions is a participant in the Amazon affiliate advertising program and this post may contain affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission or fees if you make a purchase via those links.

How Do I Find Class Action Settlements?

Find all the latest Class Action Settlements you can qualify for by getting notified of new lawsuits as soon as they are open to claims:

How Do I File a Claim in the Verizon Charges Settlement?

Follow the links below to join the Verizon Administrative Fees Class Action Settlement via the official class action administration website. If you do not have a registration ID, or did not receive a notice in your mailbox or email you may need to contact the administrators for more information.

Claim Form Website: VerizonAdministrativeChargeSettlement.com

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