Coppertone Sunscreen Settlement

Coppertone Sunscreen Settlement

Updated: February 24, 2023

Form Deadline: Passed

Proof required: No

Estimated Payout: $60

Method of payment: Prepaid MasterCard / PayPal / Venmo / Zelle / Direct Deposit

**The Coppertone recall and class action payout is available for claimants without proof**

What's This Class Action About?

A $2.3 Million Class Action Settlement has been agreed upon with the manufacturers of certain Coppertone spray sunscreen products. The two defendants are:

• Beiersdorf, a Germany-based personal care company and manufacturer of skin care products. Beiersdorf is the parent company of the Coppertone sun spray brand, and;
• Bayer Healthcare, the other defendant in this class action lawsuit, the previous owner of Coppertone who had sold the Coppertone brand to Beiersdorf for $550 Million in 2019.

The class action lawsuit alleged that Beiersdorf and Bayer Healthcare had sold certain Coppertone sunscreen products containing benzene, a known cancer causing ingredient. The class action argued that Coppertone products that contained benzene were not appropriately labeled and that this misled consumers.

The defendants have denied any wrongdoing, but agreed to settle the class action in order to avoid disruption to their business and the costs of litigating and defending a case in trial. Additionally, the defendants had issued a voluntary sunscreen and sunspray recall in 2021 and mailed consumers checks reportedly up to $76 in value for those consumers that had claimed to purchase certain sun spray products manufactured by the defendants.

Coppertone Sunscreen Voluntary Recall

Previously, Coppertone had issued a voluntary recall specifying lots of a maximum of five Coppertone aerosol sunscreen spray products manufactured between the dates of January 10, 2021 and June 15, 2021. Products such as the Coppertone Sport SPF 50 spray were recalled and paid out to consumers. Coppertone had identified the presence of benzene in these lots of products. Benzene, is an ingredient that is known by the scientific community to cause cancer.

Twelve lots, or products, of Coppertone spray products were impacted by the voluntary recall. You can find a complete list of qualifying products posted by the FDA here.

What Can I Get if I File a Claim?

If you file a timely claim by November 7, 2022 you will receive a pro-rated (proportional) cut of the $2,300,000 Settlement fund, after attorney's expenses and court fees. The amount you receive will first be determined by the average retail price for up to a maximum of six qualified Coppertone products (see the full list below, under "So How Do I Qualify for the Class Action?"). An additional 10% will be provided to cover any sales tax you may have incurred when you purchased the sun spray bottles.

If you had previously received reimbursement from Coppertone's voluntary recall, the amount of payment you receive from this class action settlement will be the difference remaining, if any, once you reduce the payment from the recall you may have already received. No proof of purchase is necessary to file a claim if you are filing for up to five Coppertone products purchased. If you have proof of purchase, you may be reimbursed for all qualified purchases that were not intended from resale.

So How Do I Qualify for the Class Action?

You may qualify if you are one of the consumers who purchased certain Coppertone products in the U.S. through August 1, 2022 that contained benzene, according to the class action lawsuit. Here is a list of sunscreen products that qualify:

• Pure & Simple SPF 50
• Pure & Simple Kids SPF 50
• Pure & Simple Baby SPF 50
• Sport Mineral SPF 50
• Sport SPF 50
• Sport SPF 30
• Sport SPF 15
• Complete SPF 50
• Complete SPF 30
• Glow Shimmer SPF 50
• Kids SPF 50

The purchase of the above products must have been made by individuals in the United States, with no purpose of resale.

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How Do I File a Claim?

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