$9M Dude Wipes Class Action Settlement

$9M Dude Wipes Class Action Settlement

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Photo Credit: Unsplash | Updated: November 11, 2023

Claim Form Deadline: November 11, 2023

Estimated Payout: $2.50 (Without Proof) - $20.00 (With Proof)

Proof required: No

Method of payment: Venmo / Zelle / PayPal / Direct Deposit / Prepaid MasterCard

**This settlement is available for claimants with or without proof of purchase**

What is the Dude Wipes Class Action Lawsuit About?

A $9,000,000 class action lawsuit has been settled with Dude Wipes over allegations that its products were falsely advertised to customers. The Dude Wipes class action lawsuit claims that Dude Wipes misled consumers to believe that the Dude Wipes were flushable, when they were not "flushable" and may have caused damage to plumbing systems. Dude Wipes, Inc. has settled the class action lawsuit, but has not admitted to any wrongdoing. The court has not determined whether any party is right or wrong in the class action settlement.

How Do I Qualify?

In order to qualify for a payment or benefit from the Dude Wipes class action lawsuit, you must have been in the United States, and purchased one or more product units of Dude Wipes at anytime between February 5, 2015 and August 8, 2023, unless you intended for the purchases of Dude Wipes to be for resale. It does not matter whether you purchased individual packs of Dude Wipes, or multi-pack sets of Dude Wipes products, as long as it is in the "class period" of February 5, 2015 to August 8, 2023.

What Can I Get in the Dude Wipes Class Action Settlement?

If you believe that you are a qualifying Dude Wipes Settlement Class member, you can submit a timely and valid claim to receive one of the following benefits:

With Proof of Payment, you can receive up to $20.00 per claim, or $0.50 per product for up to 40 products claimed.

Without Proof of Purchase, you can receive up to $2.50 per claim, or $0.50 per product for up to 5 products claimed.

Please note that in class action settlements such as these, the payout may be lower or higher than the originally anticipated amount. The actual payment amount may be reduced if the total amount of valid and timely claims submitted is more than expected when setting the estimated payout initially. The estimated $0.50 per Dude Wipes products payment amount is anticipated and may be adjusted based on the number of claims, and is contingent on the class action settlement being approved.

How Do I Find Class Action Settlements?

Find all the latest Class Action Settlements you can qualify for by getting notified of new lawsuits as soon as they are open to claims:

How Do I File a Claim?

To be eligible to receive a payment from the Dude Wipes Class Action Settlement, you must submit a complete, valid, and timely class action Claim Form fully by November 11, 2023 electronically. If you believe that you qualify, and wish to receive a payment or voucher for entrees to Dude Wipes, you must submit your completed time form online, or have it postmarked by the deadline date no later than November 11, 2023.

You may be asked to provide a "Class Member ID". If you received a notice either by mail or email, you can use the Unique ID number that is located at the top of your class action notice. If you did not receive a unique ID number, but believe that you qualify for the Dude Wipes Class Action Settlement, you can request one here, or on the official Dude Wipes settlement website.

Claim Form Website: DudeProductsSettlement.com

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Filing Class Action Settlement Claims

Please note that your claim form will be rejected if you submit a settlement claim for payout with any fraudulent information. By providing this information and your sworn statement of its veracity, you agree to do so under the penalty of perjury. You would also be harming others that actually qualify for the class action settlement. If you are not sure whether or not you qualify for this class action settlement, visit the class action administrator's website below. OpenClassActions.com is only providing information and is not a class action administrator or a law firm. OpenClassActions is a participant in the Amazon affiliate advertising program and this post may contain affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission or fees if you make a purchase via those links.
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