BlackHawk Prepaid Cards Data Breach Lawsuit

BlackHawk Prepaid Cards Data Breach Lawsuit

Updated: January 12, 2024

What's The Data Breach About?

The Data Breach investigation is closed as of 2024. Please read about the class action settlement, which is accepting claims until April 11, 2024 here.

Law firms have been evaluating claims about a data breach that exposed customers' highly sensitive personal information. Customers that received a data breach notice may be entitled to compensation. The data breach affected millions of users of Blackhawk Network's digital prepaid debit and credit cards.

BlackHawk Network is a top operator of prepaid and gift cards. One of the website they operate,, was breached by malicious hackers between September 4 and September 12, 2022. The website, is a portal for users and customers to manage and activate prepaid cards, some of which are used for reimbursement of open class action settlements. In October 2022 and November 2022 Blackhawk Network sent out a notice to customers that were affected by the prepaid card data breach. In the notice, Blackhawk outlined that they discovered the data breach on September 11, 2022, and took actions to prevent and stop the unauthorized activities with user information and accounts on September 12, 2022.

BlackHawk Network had previously suffered a data breach in August 2020 for their website, They had sent out a similar notice to customers that were affected by the 2020 data breach. A class action complaint has been filed in the US Northern District Court of California's San Francisco division against BlackHawk in a separate case tied to the same data breach events mentioned here for failing to take necessary safety precautions protecting consumer's personal data.

Some of the personally identifiable information that was accessed by hackers, according to BlackHawk Network's notice to customers, in the data breach include:

• Prepaid Debit and Gift Card Information
• Card Numbers, Expiration Dates, CVV (3 digit) Card Codes
• Full Names
• Email Addresses
• User Telephone Numbers

If you have used the BlackHawk Network or the website, and hackers accessed your information during the data breach you may eligible for compensation in the Data Breach.

How Much Can I Get?

You may be eligible to receive an award of money, at no cost of representation, if you live in California and received the following notice by email or mail:

Blackhawk Networks Data Breach Notice

The amount of award or compensation a class action member will depend upon the specific details of your case.

How Do I Participate?

The investigation is closed now, but you can find information about the Blackhawk prepaid card data breach class action settlement below:

Claim Form Website: Prepaid Cards Class Action Settlement

Submit Claim Here

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