AT&T Leaked Data For 73 million User Accounts

AT&T Leaked Data For 73 million User Accounts

Data Breach Class Action or Mass Tort Investigation

Unsplash | Published: April 10, 2024

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AT&T has recently disclosed a massive breach potentially affecting 73 million AT&T customers, notifying a substantial number of both current and former customers regarding compromised account information that surfaced on the dark web last month. While the exact count of affected individuals remains undisclosed by the company, legal filings with the Maine Attorney General's office indicate 51.2 million accounts were impacted, while AT&T's official website suggests the number could be as high as 73 million. The compromised data encompassed a variety of personal details such as:

• Full names,
• Email addresses,
• Mailing addresses,
• Phone numbers,
Social security numbers (PII)
• Dates of birth,
• AT&T account numbers,
• Passcodes or "Pins"

AT&T clarified that personal financial information and call history seemed untouched by the breach. AT&T has also shared that the exposed consumer data pertained to accounts dating back to June 2019 or earlier.

AT&T's disclosure further specified that out of the 73 million affected customers, 7.6 million were current customers, while 65.4 million were former clients. In response to the breach, AT&T has initiated measures like resetting account PINs for current customers and informing both current and former clients via mail. The discrepancy between the numbers provided to the Maine Attorney General's office (51.2 million consumers affected) and those publicly listed on AT&T's website (73 million consumers affected) remains unexplained.

While the compromised passcodes were stored in an encrypted format susceptible to decryption, there remains some risk for consumers who may have had their data leaked in the data breach. For more information on how you can take steps to protect your information, learn more here.

AT&T has not yet shared the data breach's origins or the prolonged delay of over two years in confirming the data's ownership from a data leak from a couple years ago that has been confirmed to belong to AT&T consumers as well.

Given the extended duration during which the data has been accessible, the anticipated impact of the recent publication is expected to be relatively minimal. Nevertheless, individuals who currently or previously held AT&T accounts should remain vigilant against potential scams exploiting the leaked data. In response to the breach, AT&T is extending a gesture of goodwill by offering one year of complimentary identity theft protection.

Often there are class action lawsuits filed following data breaches, such as these current ongoing data breach investigations,which may lead to significant compensation. Make sure to stay up to date as to future class action filings revolving around this massive AT&T breach. AT&T has also previously been involved in a $60 million data throttling open class action settlement, as well as a massive outage that resulted in $5 credits to affected customer accounts.

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