Whirlpool Leaky Dishwasher Settlement

Whirlpool Leaky Dishwasher Settlement

Claim Form Deadline: July 26, 2022

Estimated Payout: $225

Proof required: Yes

Method of payment: Cash and Digital

What's This Settlement About?

A $21,000,000 class action lawsuit was brought on behalf of Whirlpool dishwasher owners. Whirlpool is one of the leading manufacturers of dishwashers for home consumption and appliances in the United States. The lawsuit was brought due to alleged leaks prominent in some of Whirlpool dishwashers.

How Do I Qualify For Payment?

If you purchased a Whirlpool-manufactured dishwasher built from 2010-2017, you may be entitled to benefits from this Whirlpool open class action settlement. There are many models included in the class action, you can find a complete collection of all models affected here.

What Can I Get?

Qualified purchases are estimated to payout up to $225. The Settlement provides for a rebate or cash reimbursement, up to $225 and subject to other limits, for documented out-of-pocket expenses to repair or replace your dishwasher's diverter motor or sump assembly, or to replace your dishwasher with a new model, due to a Diverter Seal Leak occurring within eight years of your dishwasher's date of manufacture.

You can receive more than one benefit if you purchased more than one qualifying, or affected, dishwasher. You may receive one benefit for each Class Dishwasher that you purchased or acquired. You must submit a separate Claim Form for each Class Dishwasher. You must elect the benefit you wish to receive at the time you submit your Claim Form.

How Do I File a Claim and Get Paid?

In order to be eligible for the payout, you must be part of the class action and file a valid claim by July 26, 2022. You may also need to provide the serial and model number of your affected Whirlpool dishwasher, a receipt, or a bill for repairs you made to your dishwasher.

Claim Form Website: WhirlpoolDishwasherSettlement.com

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